Mr Beans Holiday Film Premier in London

BlagTV snuck onto the red carpet in Londons Leicester square to speak with the stars of the latest Mr Bean movie, Mr Beans Holiday. Rowan Atkinson talked to us about how Chaplin and jaque Tati were both great inspirations in creating his ever popular character, Mr Bean. Willem Dafoe made a bee line to speak with us over the rest of the press and gave us some wise words about just how to make a movie! ‘You gotta pull the trigger!’.

Once the stars and celebs made their way into the screening, we grabbed the keys of that marvelous motorcar, Mr Beans mini and took it for a sneaky drive!

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Mr Beans Holiday Film Premier in London

15 thoughts on “Mr Beans Holiday Film Premier in London

  1. when i am 3 and 4 i watch Mr.bean in night with my ghanny and i saw the movie in like 2009 i forgot and i cry because the movie s done and i wathc the back to school my age is 4 and i cry becaus Mr.bean car broke and i cry so badly so sad i saw this video and is fake car the real one a hide it hahhha and it 2016 my birthday is in december 4 now i am 7th i keep watthc it

  2. there was one scene in the movie where Sabine was somewhat asking Bean if he was going to Cannes as well, and they repeated it so many times it sounded like as if they were saying cunt, cunt, cunt! LOL

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