Optimus Prime film CANCELLED – [TF MOVIE SHOW #39]

So the Bumblebee sequel will be an Optimus Prime / Bumblebee buddy movie


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Optimus Prime film CANCELLED - [TF MOVIE SHOW #39]

14 comentarios sobre “Optimus Prime film CANCELLED – [TF MOVIE SHOW #39]

  1. I completely disagree on this they should make this optimus prime spin off sooner or never because peter is in his 80s now they better not waste this chance…

  2. I hope they continue to have Charlie as a main human character in the Bumblebee sequel/ Optimus and Bumblebee movie.

  3. Who wanna bet that 2020 gonna have that fresh baked Optimus Prime movie in the summer, or something?

  4. I think they should stop making these movies PERIOD…. bumblebee sucked… only way fans will turn back is if you do a all transformers movie and no dumb humans… and nothing bay related

  5. I don't like the idea of this buddy movie because when I hear this term, something like a movie about cops comes to mind, not a leader-soldier or a teacher-student relationship. (Don't get me wrong, I know and like that they are friends, and it's good when it's shown, but if there's no mentor aspect to Optimus, then in my opinion the movie won't be any good.)

    And I hate that the producer has cancelled the solo film (and I could think of 4 ideas from the top of my head about how it could be interesting).

    And I've actually been afraid because of the (mis)interpretation of Prime's character lately. My favourite version of Optimus is the TFP one. (Of course he isn't perfect either, but he would only need some small changes.) I do like G1, but I believe that isn't the best take on him. But the producer's interpretation of him is really awful, and his input helped make the decision to make the BumbleBee movie, so I fear that he has too big of an influence.

  6. Optimus Prime movie for Primus sake! If not then I am going to turn into Nemesis Prime thank you very much! Until I see an Optimus Prime movie.

  7. i hope they do starscream some justice like really he didn't get no justice when Michael bay filmed the live action transformers.

  8. As long as they reference “Orion Pax,” I’m confident that they will do Prime’s solo film justice.

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