8 thoughts on “Guy Freaking out over seeing Prince ! 1984 Purple Rain movie premier

  1. Done the exact same at The Garage aftershow in Glasgow 95 when I tried to get to the toilet and was stopped to let him walk past to his private area before the gig.He was feet away from me.He was small for sure but a giant colossal figure and influence many times over before he was taken from us

  2. King Prince has arrived. 80s pop stars lived on different planet. If you caught a glimpse of them passing by, it was the only thing you saw of them apart from the artistry on stage and in videos. It was easier to believe in the image. You thought they were like that always. It made them appear larger than ordinary life. Nowdays, paparazzis ruins the image on youtube and make them appear mortal like everyone else.

  3. Can you imagine that big ol body guard walking around with you everywhere you go? Crazy life.

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