Justin Bieber Goes Full Selena Gomez DAMAGE CONTROL With Steamy PDA Photos WIth Hailey!

The damage control for Justin and Hailey Bieber’s marriage continues as The Biebs post a PDA filled pic with a um well…poetic captions. PLUS…I have an update on Shawmila…as people who have witnessed Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are coming forward and saying they look IN LOVE. FINALLY…Taylor Swift tops the Forbes list as the highest paid celebrity and she has ZERO regrets about going after Scooter Braun. I’ve got the latest on that…Shawmila and the Biebers right now so stay tuned.
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Justin Bieber Goes Full Selena Gomez DAMAGE CONTROL With Steamy PDA Photos WIth Hailey!

8 comentarios sobre “Justin Bieber Goes Full Selena Gomez DAMAGE CONTROL With Steamy PDA Photos WIth Hailey!

  1. Hey , he proposed . Now he HAS to live with his chose and if he really cared about his marriage he would focus an making his wife think so and not focus on what everybody is saying . If I were Hailey I would have left him 2nd scandal

  2. Come on Justin, I pray this is not TRUE. You STAY with your WIFE, or run to PUPPY LOVE selena.HAILEY can get much Better then U. If your a PLAYER ,you need to STEP DOWN.. Hear I pray for U and this . I hope this is wrong…

  3. Wow, feel bad for Justin. He really needs something good for him after all this. Poor guy. I can tell his mind is lost inside. Didn’t deserve all this. It really doesn’t help when this media amplifies this by talking about the relationship constantly. He deserves better. He really needs to meditate and seek help in him self by deep thinking. Bottom line is, only marry someone you truly love and have feelings for. Marriage is absolutely not for playing around messing with last relationships. Past relationships need to be let go because it’s causes a lot of damage. Creates an unhealthy environment. Creates mistrust.I really hope the best for Justin. I also feel guilty hating on him 10 years ago when his fame became on the rise. I really respect what he has to go through on a daily. Can really effect you on the inside. I know I’m a dude but I really wouldn’t mind meeting him and talking to him personally. Besides his fame, I would just see past it and just talk to him for a long time if I got a chance to meet him. Maybe even makes friends with him also. Even though I don’t live a life style like him I still respect him a lot as an average human. Stress can really take a toll on one self overtime. My self I’ve been through a lot to. This man needs help and someone to talk to. I do not like how media blows everything bigger than it really is because they can’t assume stuff that Happens to him behind closed doors. It’s very disrespectful. Creates drama.

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