Royal Film Premier | Queen Elizabeth | Barbra Streisand | funny Lady | 1975

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth attending the Royal Premier of ‘Funny Lady’ in London’s Leicester Square. Where she meets stars of stage and screen including the stasr of the film Barbara Streisand and James Caan.
First shown: 1975
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Royal Film Premier | Queen Elizabeth | Barbra Streisand | funny Lady | 1975

17 thoughts on “Royal Film Premier | Queen Elizabeth | Barbra Streisand | funny Lady | 1975

  1. I noticed that Barbara Streisand brought her man of the moment with her. I forget his name, but the handsome man [of course, Barbara only went out with handsome men] behind her with the dark hair and beard was her man back then. Also, to be noted, Barbara spoke longer to the queen than any other quest.

  2. Well really….. the queen could have made an effort and got dressed up……. even if it was just to go to the movies……..

  3. I actually saw this on the television at my student residence in Edinburgh at the time. Over 40 years ago. I was so impressed how the Queen looked.

  4. When the queen meets a pigsty of filthy swine wearing jewels.
    You can put lipstick on pigs, but they are still pigs.
    Disgraceful and disgusting!

  5. OMG! You can actually see the moment towards the end of Her Royal Highness’s conversation with Her Showbiz Highness when Streisand leans forward and famously asks, “Your Majesty, why is it that women have to wear white gloves to meet you and men don’t?”

  6. I've wondered what happens to all the lovely gowns the Queen has worn through out her life time? This one is so beautiful. She probably doesnt wear them more than once does she?? Just wondered where they go, or what happens to them. There must be thousands by now.

  7. Streisand, as always, radiant. Her talent has been respected by several presidents as well as the royal family.

  8. Barbra is gorgeous, but the the follow-up to the PERFECT Funny Girl was just awful. I'm really surprised she would work with such a poor script, lackluster score and bad direction.

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