Justin Bieber Divorcing Hailey For Selena Gomez Rumor Explained | Hollywoodlife

Justin Bieber reveals how Hailey Baldwin Bieber saved his life. Plus – Justin & Hailey Divorce rumors are debunked. #JustinBieber #HaileyBieber #SelenaGomez

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Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin have given a new look into why they decided to get married so quickly after their reconciliation in June 2018 — and it’s not because she was pregnant like everyone thought at the time! In fact, it was just the opposite: When they got back together, the pair agreed not to have sex until they were married. Actually, when Justin and Hailey got back together, he had already been celibate for a full year after realizing he had a “legitimate problem with sex,” he tells Vogue in a joint interview with Hailey.

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Justin Bieber Reveals How Hailey Saved His Life | Hollywoodlife


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Justin Bieber Divorcing Hailey For Selena Gomez Rumor Explained | Hollywoodlife

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  1. Roses are Red
    HL is legit,
    Debunking those rumors
    Cause Chief, this ain’t it…
    Justin took Xannies when he’s feeling blue,
    What saved him was Jesus
    and his baby boo…

    Thank you. My work here is dumb

  2. First of all Selena is a smart person she doesn't need a prediter that can sing and looks cute outside but on the inside there is something he is trying to hide

  3. I wish it can be true I always believed that Selena and Justin will be forever couple even if Hailey and Justin got married … So I wish this rumor can be true. Go on Justin and Selena.

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