BTS Love Yourself 结 Full Story Film [ENG]

After months of waiting, too many unanswered questions, the series is finally complete.

Title: Love Yourself Boy Meets WHAT

起; WONDER (Intro: Euphoria)
承; HER (Intro: Serendipity)
结; ANSWER (Intro: Epiphany)
轉; TEAR (Intro: Singularity)

I decided to compile this series too, thanks to the positive response of my previous videos [ HYYH : WINGS : ], watching the series chronologically in a film esque setting is pleasing while showing my thoughts and gratitude towards BTS, sharing is caring. I also decided to hardsub this one fully (please don’t mind if I made errors, I tried my best) including the songs particularly in respect to my fellow international armys. I hope you enjoy watching this video.

Leave comments down below, I for sure enjoyed reading your thoughts especially the theories you all came up with from my previous compilation films, it helps us all be enlightened with the universe of this mind blowing masterpiece.

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BTS Love Yourself 结 Full Story Film [ENG]